“Dear Dr. Olson, Every day that my knee feels ‘great’ I thank you for offering the Laser treatment – which was very effective. In exercise class, I have to run and do 100 jumping jacks but the knee is rarely a bit sore for a short time. Thank you so much!” – Carolyn from Sedona, AZ

Bioflex Laser Therapy

Dr. Olson uses the state of the art Bioflex Laser in his office. Laser therapy is the use of light from a Low Intensity Laser Diode or an array of Superluminous Diodes to eliminate pain, accelerate healing and decrease inflammation. LLLT is also known as cold laser, low intensity laser therapy or photobiomodulation.

Laser therapy does not heat or cut tissue, unlike high intensity lasers. Many pharmacological treatments mask pain or only address the symptoms of the disease; laser therapy treats the underlying condition or pathology to promote healing. This means that the treatments are effective and the benefits of laser therapy are long lasting. The result many of our patients report is healing soft tissue damage, arthritis and chronic pain of past injuries.

Clinically Proven Benefits:

  • Pain Relief
  • Decreased edema and muscle stiffness
  • Decreased recurrence of injury
  • Decreased recovery time
  • Increased ranges of motion
  • Faster return to activities
  • Improved scar tissue healing


Laser therapy is becoming a very popular tool to relieve acute pain, chronic pain and heal degenerated tissue and joints. Dr. Olson has been using laser therapy in his chiropractic practice for years. Most were owned by professional sports teams who found phenomenal results in speeding the recovery and healing time for their top athletes.

The computerized Bioflex laser, unlike common hand held devices, uses state of the art technology and is able to send a precise current of light into tissues that are considered injured or degenerated. Dr. Olson is able to regulate the exact amount of light used for each patient’s specific condition to help them achieve their goals.

“We have had tremendous success in helping people in pain, both chronic and acute.” Dr. Olson said. “As time goes on, I’ve found the laser to be so effective for those types of patients who have lost hope. We’ve used this in so many situations where nothing had helped before and have had tremendous results.”

With laser treatments, chronic arthritic pain has disappeared, carpal tunnel syndrome has healed, pain has been eliminated in shoulders, arms, hands, elbows, knees, ankles, hips, jaws and back muscles. There have been exceptional results treating torn cartilage, damaged nerves, open wounds, shingles lesions, headaches, strains, sprains, athletic and accident-related injuries.

Dr. Olson is very pleased to say, “We’ve had a number of patients with chronic pain from past injuries. These people live with daily pain, which interfers with their ability to live their life to the fullest. After only a few treatments they have phenomenal, long lasting results. Not only was the pain relieved, but they regained the ability to live each day pain free.”

It’s due to these results that Dr. Olson wants to share that this therapy is available here in Sedona, the only laser of its type in northern Arizona.

Come see how this technology of the future can help you!

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